Education & Development Solutions

Education & Development Solutions is an all-female led company

What we do

EADS provides education and development consultancies and project management services globally

Our partners

EADS supports Private Sector Companies to understand and support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through uniquely tailored CSR

EADS is about empowerment

Our consultants mentor a local consultant pro-gratis for each assignment

About us

Through our work we want to enable as many children as possible to access quality education and to empower decision-takers and change-makers to achieve this goal.

What we do

We provide Education and Development project design and programme management, consultancy & research services, plus unique education and SDG focused CSR advisory and policy development services.

Contact us

For more information about us and the work we do please contact us. If you are interested in working with us, becoming a partner or consultant we would like to hear from you.

Latest news

Reflections on the future of girls’ education within a Taliban administration in Afghanistan from an evaluation of the “Girls Access Through Teacher Education” programme

By Pedro H. Campos & Dr. Rosaria Marron In July 2021, Dr. Rosaria Kunda Marron from EADS completed a Formative Evaluation of the Girls Access through Teacher Education (GATE) Programme which has been implemented since 2015 by UNICEF in Afghanistan. The objectives...

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Working to build a better future for all

Our founders & directors have all developed, successfully fundraised for, managed and evaluated dozens of large education development projects, as well as consultancy work and working on Corporate Social Responsibility.