Dr Rosaria Kunda Marron

Rosaria has close to 18 years international experience in Education and Development. She has substantial experience in grant management, co-ordination and implementation of development programmes funded under joint programmes with key aid agencies including United Nations agencies and development partners such as the Government of the Netherlands, Irish Aid and DFID (UKAid). She is particularly interested in Community -Based Education Programmes, Gender in Education, Early Childhood Care and Education, Global Citizenship Education and Education for Sustainable Development.

She is familiar with the use of technology innovations to enhance teaching and learning, and was part of the team with UNICEF in Uganda who piloted the use of mobile phones for school monitoring and the development of a Uganda Content Portal for solar powered computer kiosks in rural areas which included recorded video lessons as additional resources. These kiosks were amongst the top 50 global Innovations in Time Magazine in 2011.

She has also worked on communication for development activities and has been the project lead for the development and implementation of national level advocacy projects for education programmes.

Overall, she is a passionate researcher with particular interest in Qualitative Research and Developmental Evaluation Methods. She is a firm believer in proverbially ‘raising the floor’ for vulnerable children to achieve equity in education through the use of evaluation/assessment metrics that balance local validity with national averages and international comparative reliability.

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