Areas of Expertise

EADS can offer expertise in all areas in Education and Development, from A to Z


Adult Education, Adolescent Education, Advocacy and Communication, Art, Assessment

Basic Education, Bilingual Education, Bullying

Child Friendly Schools, China Africa, Corporate Social Responsibility, Curriculum Development, Climate Change Education, Cyber bullying

Development Education, Design, Digital literacy and online learning, Disability and additional needs education, Disaster Risk Reduction, Drama

Education Economist, Early Childhood Development 0-3, Early Childhood Education 3-6

Educational Technology, Education in Emergencies, E-Learning, Environmental Education

Fundraising and donor proposals and reports

Gaming, Girls’ Education and equity

Health Education, Higher Education


Joint projects

Kindergarten, Knowledge management

Language and literacy, Learning, Leadership, Life skills

Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

Nature Education, Numeracy and Mathematics Education

Online Learning, Outdoor and nature education, Out-of-School Children

Peacebuilding education, Pedagogy, Primary Education, Policy development and implementation, Project Management, Private Schools


Reading, Reform, Research

Secondary Education, Social and Emotional Learning, Special Needs Education, Sports/PE, STEM, South-South, Sustainable Development Goals

Teaching and learning, Teacher Education – pre-service and in-service, Technology Education, Textbooks, 21st century Life-skills


Virtual Learning, Violence Against Children in Schools, Vocational Education

WASH in schools

Youth Education

Zero tolerance of violence against children