The three female directors and founders of EADS are:
Rosaria Kunda-Marron, Deirdre Naughton and Margo O’Sullivan.
Collectively we hold seven higher degrees from universities in Europe and Africa and have over 70 years of hands-on experience in the field of education and development spanning the five continents.

We are passionate about and committed to making a difference in children’s lives through education. We have seen at first hand the power of education in our own and others’ lives.

We possess different areas of expertise and interest within the education and development sector, which enables us to offer oversight to a wide variety of projects and consultancies.

We are passionate about delivering excellent results and real impact because we understand from first-hand experience that quality, timely consultancy and project management ultimately translates into better education and quality of life for the communities we have lived and worked in.

Our mission underpins all of our work, and we commit to only take on work that enables fulfilment of this mission. We want EADS work to make a real, tangible difference to children’s lives.

We make a promise to all our clients that we work with to meet their needs and in doing so best enable the sustainable solutions they seek to devise and apply. One of the directors or a manager with similar level of hands-on experience and qualifications will be assigned to each project and/or consultancy, to oversee it and collaborate with the client throughout the piece of work and to ensure quality control throughout the process.

We also use some of our profits to support our charity – Power Teachers Africa. And every piece of work we do we endeavour to mentor a national trainee consultant or young interns to develop local expertise.

We believe in the virtues of human interaction, personal service, efficiency and simplicity, which we feel are even more vital in the ever-increasing bureaucracy and process environment of today.